What do I need to know before choosing a topic for my essay?

It’s time to write your essay, but you have no clue what subject to choose. This blog post will tell you how to go about picking a topic for your essay and the necessary steps in preparation. First, brainstorm topics that are related to the coursework of this semester or last semester. Next, narrow down the list based on relevance and interest level: ask yourself if it is relevant and interesting enough? The answer should be yes before continuing with the next step which is researching different angles on the topic such as counterargument, opposing viewpoints, pros/cons etc. You can do any combination of these research methods depending on how much time you want to spend doing research – just make sure not all information comes from one source!

Key Steps to Selection of a topic for you essay

  1. Know the assignment
  2. Find a topic you are passionate about
  3. Brainstorm ideas for your essay
  4. Create an outline of your essay
  5. Write your introduction and conclusion first, then fill in the body paragraphs with supporting details and examples to back up your thesis statement
  6. Proofread everything before submission to make sure there are no errors or typos, as this will impact both how well you do on the paper and how much credit you receive from it

Learn more on how to select an outstanding topic for your essay

This is a long article, but I would be glad if you read it till the end!

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When I began my research on how to choose a topic for an essay , I wasn’t sure what to look for. Should one consider prevailing social problems? Or maybe focus on something near and dear to his heart?

So many questions with no immediately answers made essay topic selection even more challenging. My confusion, however, was cleared up after conducting various research on essay topics and reading essay samples posted online.

For the benefit of students who are also lost when it comes to essay topics , here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find one:

Step 1: Select topics that appear interesting to you. Identify essay topics that appeal to you. You will be able to write better if you are interested in the essay topic .

Step 2: Choose essay topics based on your strengths and interests.  You want essay topics that make use of your skills and knowledge, while improving it at the same time.

Step 3: Choose essay topics that have a “hook.” This could be social issues or your life.  You can also choose essay topics based on real-life events or scenarios that appeal to you.

Step 4: Write down essay topics . Start by jotting down all essay ideas that will catch your attention. Don’t worry if these essay topics are far-fetched, as they can be edited later on.

Tip: If essay topic selection is still confusing you, try to think of essay titles that grab your attention.  Remember the essay title is just a means to attract readers. Once your essay arrives at the reader’s hands, all he wants is an essay answer .

Step 5: Evaluate essay topics by asking yourself if it can be narrowed down further.  Does your essay prompt require a specific essay topic ?  You may want to narrow it down to determine if you have selected the best essay topic for your essay .

Step 6: If this essay topic already seems like an acceptable subject, then write it down.  But if you feel that your essay topic needs to be refined further, move on to the next essay topic until you find one that answers the essay prompt .

Step 7: After narrowing down your essay topic , write an outline using this essay topic as a guide.  Your essay outline should provide enough details about what you will write in essay body to essay introduction .

Step 8: If you have more than one essay topic in mind, make sure that it’s not too much.  Too many essay topics can result to essay confusion , especially if all of your essay prompt answers are inter-related.

In the end, essay topic selection is a matter of choosing essay topics that is most interesting to you.  You don’t have to follow essay prompts exactly, but essay topics must meet the essay criteria , which is your answer to essay prompt .


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